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Rancid tabs


Note: This is a draft version, I have not had the 
time to check it for errors or fix the layout.

Intro (w/ horns and Lars doing shout outs)
C   D   G   C   C   D   G

Verse (play only double upbeats)

G                                          C           G
Well I heard them fly a confederate flag  (Down at the statehouse!)
G                                                C           G
Brought a gun to my head from the hand of a man (Down at the statehouse!)
G                                                     C           G
Well I reached for a dollar in the hole in my pocket (Down at the statehouse!)
G                                                            D           G
They said I got the rights, and I really shouldn't knock it (Down at the statehouse!)

G                D
What can we do?  What can we do?
G                D
What can we do?  What can we do?
G                D
What can we do?  What can we do?
G                D
What can we do?  What can we do?

Verse 2 and 3 (same chords as first)
Broken bones, broken rules, they can all be fixed 
So let them do battle with the pen, and others with the fist
Well the strong ones will be defiant with words can convince
You can take desire's rules, but I take it as a diss

G   C

Well they wanna hold me with wrongful suspicion (Down at the statehouse!)
And I'm all bundled up in an awkward position (Down at the statehouse!)
And they say it's all part of a hundred year tradition (Down at the statehouse!)
And I do fear they have a mental condition (Down at the statehouse!)


Trombone solo (transcribed for guitar)
Chords for solo:  C  D  G  C  C  D  G

Verse 3 (not much guitar)

I'm not quite sure about most of this verse...can someone fill it in?

G  C

Verse 4
Ignore the weak, ignore the poor (Down at the statehouse!)
They got a position for me on the floor (Down at the statehouse!)
They say, they're gonna make a real, real nice world (Down at the statehouse!)
They do not know the law, no not at all (Down at the statehouse!)


G  D  (repeat as many times as necessary)

End chords
G  C  G

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