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Robbie Williams - Heaven From Here (Williams/Chambers)

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A7       x02020
A7/C#    x42020
Am       x02210
Am7      x02010
B        x24442
B/D#     x6444x
B7       x21202
Bm       x24432
Bbmaj7   x13231
C        x32010
Cmaj7    x32000
D        xx0232
D7       xx0212
Dm       xx0231
Em       022000
Em/D     xx0000
Em7      022030
Em7/B    x22030
Em9/D    xx0433
F        133211
Fmaj7    xx3210
G        320003
G/B      x20033
G/D      xx0433
G/F#     2x0003
Gmaj7    320002
Gmaj7/D  xx0432


|G|  |G|  |G|  |G|

Verse 1:

G     G/F# Em    Em/D
Know_ no_  fear_ 

C             D7       G  
I'll still be here_ to-mor-row_

G     G/F# Em  Em/D
Bend_ my_  ear__ 

    C            D      G
I'm not gon-na go_ a-way_

Chorus 1:

Em        B/D#   
You_ are_ love__ 

   G/D                A7/C#  
So why do you shed_ a tear_

G     G/F# Em    Em/D    
Know_ no_  fear_ 

Cmaj7        D7               G   G
You will see hea-ven from here_

Verse 2:

     G    Gmaj7/D Em7  Em9/D 
I'll shel_ter_    you_ 

    Cmaj7      D           G  
And make it al-right to cry_

    G       G/F#  Em7  Em7/B    
And you'll_ help_ too_ 

         Cmaj7       D                G   
'Cos-the-faith in my-self has run_ dry_

Chorus 2:

Em       B      
We_ are_ love__ 

    G/B                     A7
And I just wan-na hold_ you near_

G     Gmaj7/D Em7  G/D
Know_ no_     fear 

Cmaj7       D7               G   G
We will see hea-ven from here_

Bridge 1:

      Dm      C              G      G
I see real___ love__ in your eyes_

       Dm         Am                 Em
And it fills_ me_ up__ when you start_ 

   C      C
To cry__


|G Gmaj7/D|  |Em|  |Cmaj7 D7|  |G|

|G Gmaj7/D|  |Em|  |Cmaj7 D7|  |G|


Em     B7
Ooh___ ooh___

G/D                         A7/C#   |G G/F#|  |Em7 Bm|  
I just wan-na hold_ you near_

Cmaj7       D7               G    
We will see hea-ven from here_

Bridge 2:

        Bbmaj7 Fmaj7               Gmaj7   Gmaj7            
Well it all___ seems__ out of reach_

       Dm         C              Em             
I will take_ the_ blame__  if it keeps___ 

    Cmaj7   Cmaj7 
The peace____

Verse 3:

   G      G/F#    Em     Em/D       
My shelf_ life's_ short_

            C            D7          G  
Wish they'd make it more ea-sy to fol-low_

    G     G/F#  Em     Em/D
And I've_ been_ caught__ 

     C            D7             G
With noth-ing but love on my mind

Chorus 3/End:

Em       B/D# 
We_ are_ love__ 

G/D                           A7/C#
Don't let it fall on deaf ears_

G    G/F#  Em     Em/D      
Now_ it's_ clear_ 

Cmaj7        D7               Am7   F   G
We have seen hea-ven from here___

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