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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 01:39:54 -0300
From: NCB Programagco Visual 
Subject: d/doors/land_ho.crd

Land Ho!
>From Morrison Hotel
Words by Jim Morrison
Music by the Doors
Arranged by Tiago Eulalio (


Granda loved a sailor  Who sailed the frozen sea

He grandpa was the whaler  And he took me on his knee

He said Son Im going crazy  From living on the land

Got to find my shipmates  And walk on foreing sands

C A D C A G F#m Em A7


This old man was graceful  With silver in his smile

He smoked a briar pipe and  He walked four country miles

Singing songs of shady sisters  And old time liberty

Songs of love and songs of death  And songs to set me free

C A D C A G F#m Em Dm Em Dm

(Em Dm)

Ive got three ships and sixty man 

A course for ports unread

Stand at mast, let north wind blows

Till half of us are dead
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