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Light My Fire - The Doors This is my best attempt at this song. Any corrections are welcome. It was probably first played on 5-string bass, but this is a transcription for 4-string. intro/return from solo/outro G|-----------------------57-------| D|------46------13---475---7------| A|--255-----142----5--------------| E|3-------1-----------------------| verse (x4) G|----------------| D|----------------| A|--9-7--5--9---9-| E|4--7--7-2--49--9| Chorus "come on baby light my fire..." (x2) "try to set the night on fire" G|----------------|------------------------| D|-------3--5---57|------------------------| A|--35--3-5--55---|--25--157-77-777-77-777-| E|3---5-----------|3---2-------------------| solo riff G|---------| D|-------4-| A|--47--6--| E|5---7----| do NOT play this song live without an organist. tabbed by Achilles (
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